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6 Tips For Caring For Your New Goldfish

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Unfortunately, all too many people do not realize that caring for a goldfish can be more difficult than it initially appears. While fish can be low-maintenance pets, you must still take some steps to ensure that they are properly cared for.

1. Do not purchase a traditional goldfish bowl

You actually need a tank that is at least six times as long as the fish's growth potential. This ensures that the fish has adequate room to swim. 

2. Your tank needs adequate filtration

Without a proper filtration system, your fish's tank will build up large amounts of ammonia. This causes the fish's home to become a toxic environment.

3. Set up your aquarium before you even buy a goldfish

Setting up the right kind of environment for your fish takes some time. Fish do not live in temporary settings for very long, and they often get stressed out by change.

4. Use large gravel

Gravel should always be large enough so that the goldfish will not accidentally swallow it. Additionally, make sure you clean it before it goes in the tank to prevent dirt clouds from rising. Fish like to dig through the rocks to find food, so preventing issues early on is beneficial.

5. Use lights to give your fish daytime and nighttime

Fish want to be up during the sunlight just like you. Fish that are not exposed to enough sunlight will lose their beautiful colors. It is a good idea to replicate day and night for your fish with a tank light.

6. Incorporate real plants into your tank's design

Not only do real plants look fantastic in the fish tank, but they also help to absorb ammonia and waste. Just make sure that your goldfish is not exposed to plants that could hurt them if eaten.

7. Clean the tank each week—even if you do not think it is dirty

Dirt and debris can accumulate quite quickly. Even if you do not see any dirt floating around, it is there. You must also be aware of the invisible dangers lurking in the water, like ammonia, that could be harming your fish. For this reason, many pet owners invest in oxygen meters.

Goldfish are typically easy to maintain compared to other pets, but they still require care. With a bit of effort put into putting together your fish's tank, you are sure to see him or her live a long and happy life. For more information, contact offices like Elizabethton Veterinary Clinic.