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How To Ease Your Dog's Anxiety Before A Vet Visit

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It's no secret that dogs can become anxious when they see the door to the veterinarian's office. To keep your pet calm, cool, and collected before a visit to the vet, you'll want to plan ahead. Here are a few things you can start doing now to keep your dog relaxed and ready to see the doggy doctor.

Make The Vet's Office Familiar

If the only time your dog sees the veterinarian's office is when you have an appointment, your pet isn't likely to be excited about going. Make the office a familiar site for your pet. Consider taking a regular walk past the vet's office without stopping in or occasionally stopping inside to visit. Many offices offer treats to patients that are just visiting, and this can help to make your pet excited to visit the vet's office.

Make Car Rides Special

Dogs that only go in the car to see the vet won't be fooled easily. Give your dog something to look forward to by planning regular rides in the car. This can be as simple as a weekly drive through the neighborhood, or it can be a special trip to the dog park. The more your pet becomes familiar with the car, the less likely your dog will get nervous as you drive to the vet.

Provide Extra Praise

Get the day of the vet appointment started off on the right foot by providing your pet with plenty of praise. Give your dog a treat for being good on a morning walk, or add a special treat with the morning bowl of dog food. You'll get your pet in a great mood to start off the day, which can help to keep him calm as you prepare to visit the vet. Be sure to have extra treats in your pocket that you can pass out when your dog gets in the car and when you enter the vet's office. Continuing the praise all the way through the veterinarian visit can help to keep your dog calm, happy, and less focused on the examination. Of course, if your pet is sick, omit food treats and provide a new non-edible dog toy as a replacement.

Your dog doesn't have to be nervous or anxious at doctor appointments. Put these ideas to work so your precious pooch can wag his tail as you walk through the door of your vet's office. For more information, contact local professionals like Northside Emergency Pet Clinic.