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You Love Your Pup: 4 Reasons You Should Have It Neutered While It's Still Young

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If you're the proud new care-giver to a male puppy, you might be wondering whether it should be neutered or not. You might think that since your pup can't possibly get pregnant, there's no reason to worry about having it neutered. While it's true that your male puppy won't ever get pregnant, there are many other reasons why you should have your pup neutered. To help you make your decision, here are four benefits to having your pup neutered.

Reduces the Need to Dig

Male dogs sense a strong urgency to mate when they smell a dog that's in heat. If they can't get to the potential mate through a gate, or other access point, they'll dig their way out of the yard. Unfortunately, once they dig their way out, they've entered territory where they can be injured by on-coming traffic or by other animals. By having your puppy neutered, you'll eliminate its need to mate, which will reduce its need to dig out of your yard.

Reduces Aggressive Behavior

When male dogs sense competition for mating privileges, they tend to become aggressive. Not only will they fight other dogs over a potential mate, but they'll also become aggressive towards you, especially if you're preventing them from seeking out a mate. You can reduce aggressive behavior and prevent problems by having your puppy neutered while it's still young.

Reduces Territorial Spraying

Dogs mark their territory as a way to keep other dogs away. Unfortunately, they don't always confine their markings to areas outside. In fact, dogs will mark just about anything, including your furniture. You can reduce your dog's need to mark its territory by having it neutered while it's still a puppy. It's important to note that neutering your pup might not completely prevent territorial marking, but it greatly reduces the practice.

Reduces Cancer Risks

Male dogs are at risk for developing prostate and testicular cancer. They're also prone to developing a disorder known as perianal adenomas, which are small growths that develop around the opening of the anus. Neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and greatly reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. In addition, if you have your dog neutered during surgery to remove the perianal adenomas, the growths will not return.

You love your puppy, and you want it to live a long, happy life. For questions and concerns regarding neutering your puppy, talk to a veterinarian from a clinic like Akaal Pet Hospital.