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4 Things To Know When Choosing A Pit Bull Puppy

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Pit bulls often have an unfair reputation as dangerous and aggressive dogs, but in reality they make gentle and loyal pets, as long as they are raised well. By knowing what you are getting into when you adopt a pit bull puppy, you can prepare for a well-trained new member of your family. Here are four things to know when choosing a pit bull puppy:

Pit Bulls are Great with Kids

Before they unfairly earned a reputation as aggressive fighting dogs, pit bulls were actually known as "nanny dogs" because they were so gentle and great with kids. A well-trained pit bull will be playful but safe and gentle companions to any children in your family. Young children should never be left unsupervised with any dog, but they are not in any more danger with a pit bull. In fact, pit bulls routinely score very high on official temperament and demeanor tests, which measure how gentle and docile a dog is by breed.

Pit Bulls' Reputation Has More to Do with Owners

Pit bulls have been raised and bred to be fighting dogs, which is where their reputation for (mostly dog-on-dog) aggression has come from. In reality, unless you raise your dog under abusive circumstances to be a fighting dog, your pit bull will not live up to its scary reputation. Pit bulls should be raised with lots of love and positive reinforcement. Never hit or scream at a dog to get it to behave, as this will only make it fearful and possibly lead to anxiety-based aggression.

Pit Bulls Thrive with Training and Exercise

Pit bulls do have high energy levels, so they do best with owners who can commit to lots of daily exercise. Having a fenced-in yard for your new pit bull to run around and chase a ball in is important, as are long daily walks. Pit bulls who are trained as puppies in puppy obedience classes will reward their owners with their great manners and listening skills.

Pit Bulls Make Great Therapy Dogs

Thanks to their gentle demeanor, eagerness to please their owners, and intelligence, pit bulls make great therapy dogs and have even earned their own therapy nickname- "thera-pits." If you are interested in adopting a dog to train as a therapy dog, a pit bull puppy might be a great option for you.

By spending time in the beginning getting to understand your new pit bull puppy and training him properly, you will be rewarded with a loving and fun new best friend. Contact a company like Blue Lycan Kennel to learn more.