Learning About Orthopedic Injuries In Dogs

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Emergency Dog Care

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Healthy pets can frequently get themselves in trouble, even during the course of a normal day. A vet will take care of most of your dog's health problems, but in some instances, you will have to take preliminary action yourself. When your dog chokes or gets into poison, you need to spring into action to save your pet.


Even when you are careful about your pet's diet, your dog can sometimes choke. When a bone or other object lodges in their throat, you need to take certain steps immediately. If you have a large dog, like a golden retriever or even Great Dane, you need to do a procedure similar to the Heimlich Maneuver. You will stand behind the dog and push your fist with thumb extended against their stomach at the end of the sternum. Use your other hand to shove the fist hard upward. You'll have to do this around five times. You'll need to pick a smaller dog, such as a chihuahua, up and hold them against you. You will then do the same action as you did with the larger dog. Once you get your dog's airway cleared, immediately take your pet to the vet for an evaluation.


If your dog ingests poison or other toxic substances, you will need to act quite quickly. First, get your pet away from the poison. Then, collect the substance in plastic bags to take to the vet so that they have all the information that they need. Also, collect any vomit that you can find, but do not make your animal throw up unless the vet or the pet poison center advises you to to do so over the phone. Keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on hand just in case. If the experts want you to induce vomiting, they will probably ask you to use this inexpensive substance. If your pet stopped breathing, do CPR. Then, get your pet to the animal hospital or vet as soon as possible. Your animal's stomach may need to be pumped or other emergency actions may need to be taken.

It's wise to plan for pet emergencies ahead of time. Ask your vet if they offer any training or educational materials to help you in times of crisis. Keep these instructions posted in the back room or near the dog's bed. In many ways, the actions you take with your pet will resemble those you'd take with a human in the same situation. Act quickly but deliberately, and you should be able to save your pet. For more information, talk to a professional like After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic Inc.