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Things People Forget To Do For Indoor Cats

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When your cat never goes out into the world, it can be easy to forget certain things that will help him or her stay healthy and comfortable. For this reason, you need to gather some additional information about why your indoor cat requires similar care to any other animal that does go outside on a regular basis.

Flea Treatments

When your cat does not go outside, you may wonder if flea treatments are necessary. No matter where your cat spends its days, you need to make sure he or she has a flea collar.

It is also imperative to use flea shampoo and other chemical repellents throughout the year as well. The longer you use the treatments the better chance you have of either killing or repelling any fleas that get onto your pet.

It is extremely important to know that it only takes a single person walking into your home with one flea on them for a big problem to start. Fleas need a warm host to lay eggs on and to feed on, which means you cat is an ideal candidate.

If left untreated, the fleas not only make your cat's life miserable, they will also invade the rest of your home. In most cases, the fleas jump or fall off your cat and onto your rugs before making their way through the rest of home. In this situation, you would not only need to kill the fleas on your cat, you would also need to find a way to get them out of your house.


Another task some people forgo is to get their cat vaccinated. When your cat lives indoors, you may think that they are not vulnerable to feline illnesses. However, like with fleas, a person can transfer many feline illnesses to your cat.

For example, feline viral rhinotracheitis is an infectious illness that can harm cats of any age. Weakened immune systems and other health conditions can make your cat more susceptible to the disease. A person who has been around an infected animal can transfer it your cat.

Many people only vaccinate their cats for rabies and they forget about the other illnesses that can potentially kill their pet. Additionally, if you plan to board your cat while on vacation, then all vaccinations need to be current before dropping them off. Talking with a veterinarian, like those at Chicago Cat Clinic, about the different vaccinations will help you understand which ones you should choose, so you can keep your cat healthy no matter where he or she spends their time.