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Five Tips to Lower Your Cat's Anxiety during Vet Visits

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If you have an anxious cat, a visit to the vet's office might be hard for it. If this is compounded with a possible illness, your cat's stress levels might already be through the roof. Here are five things that you can do to ease your cat's anxiety while seeing the vet.

1. Find an Animal Hospital That Focuses on Cats

If you can find a veterinarian whose focus is on cats, this will make the environment more suited for your pet's anxiety. Make sure that waiting rooms are separate for dogs and cats. Sights and smells should also be monitored. If your vet's office is specifically designed for cats, you wont have to worry about larger pets scaring your cat.

2. Trial Runs in the Car

If your cat never leaves the house, a little practice won't hurt. Leave its carrier out for a few days so your cat can inspect it and get used to it. Bring your cat on short trips in the car to get it accustomed to it. A few of these trips will keep your pet's nerves in check when it comes time to go to the vet.

3. Pheromone Sprays and Calming Treats

There are products on the market that can help your cat deal with anxiety. Cat treats with calming vitamins such as B1 might help your cat before a vet visit. Pheromone sprays can have a calming effect and can be used in your home, in the cat carrier, and at the vet's office.

4. Check Your Emotions

If you are worried about your cat and you are stressed about going to the vet's office as well, your cat will pick up on this. Make sure that you take a few deep breaths and be strong for your cat. Talk to your cat in the car and be a calm presence in the exam room.

5. Bring the Vet to Your Cat

If you truly think that your anxious cat cannot handle the trip to the vet, there are some animal hospitals that can make home visits. Your cat might be able to better handle checkups and booster shots in the home environment.

Finding an animal hospital that you trust will go a long way to help your cat with its anxiety. Your vet should know how to handle all sorts of behaviors, but do your part to help with your cat's stress levels. Veterinary care is an important part of your cat's health care and shouldn't be avoided. Contact an establishment like the Howard County Animal Hospital for your appointment today.