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Top 4 Spay And Neuter Myths

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With the overcrowding of animal shelters, it has never been more important to have your pets spayed and neutered. Unfortunately, many pet owners have heard false information that has led them to be hesitant about having this essential surgery done. Below is a list of misconceptions and the actual truths that will help you make a more informed decision in regard to your pet and spay and neuter surgery. 

There's No Reason to Spay or Neuter My Indoor Pet

Some pet owners believe that an animal should only be spayed or neutered if it is allowed outside where it will come into contact with an animal of the opposite sex. In addition to the possibility of your pet getting out one day, there are a few other reasons to consider having this procedure done. For example, female cats are more at risk for getting such cancers as mammary and ovarian cancer if they have not been spayed.

Spay and Neuter Surgery Will Cost a Fortune

Because having your pet spayed and neutered is so important, there are a great deal of programs available in most towns for pet owners that will help reduce or eliminate the cost of the surgery. If you'd like to have your private veterinarian perform the procedure, you can also apply for a care credit that will allow you to pay for the surgery over time, instead of all at once. 

After the Surgery My Pet Will Gain Weight

The idea that your pet will gain weight after surgery is entirely false. Dogs and cats are restricted in their exercise for only one week after the surgery takes place. That means they can return to their normal exercise routines just seven days later. Having the surgery also does not affect the pet's diet, so as long as you are feeding your cat or dog as you normally would, it won't gain weight. 

Having the Surgery Will Change My Pet's Behavior

While it is true that spay and neuter surgery does change your pet's behavior, it does so for the better. Dogs become less aggressive and more playful as they don't feel the need to dominate as they once did, while cats no longer have the urge to mark their territory by spraying. The animals also have less of a tendency to fight or wander away from home, which will save you hours of worry and tending to nasty wounds. 

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