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Should Your Dogs Eat Steak?

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Some pets are pampered more than others. They have nicer clothes and beds than many people do in the world. Some of them eat mostly people food as well, including high-priced offerings such as steak. You can argue that no pet needs such a diet and you may well be right. On a more basic level, however, is eating grocery store fare even good for your pet?


Dogs are always going to love meat. After all, they are carnivores who will happily gobble down entire roasts if given the choice. Your dog doesn't actually need steak or other meats separate from their dog food as long as that packaged food contains enough protein. You can supplement their diets with most cooked meats and raw beef and chicken. Do not feed them raw pork or fish because those meats can contain various parasites. A high-quality dog food will keep your dog healthy, but an occasional meat treat will be appreciated.


As you know, your dog will beg for just about anything that you are eating. If you are enjoying donuts or rolls, your dog will watch every bite you take. You can safely let your pet eat some bread, but it will have the same effect on them that it does on you. They will not get much nutrition, and they will put on the pounds if they eat too much. Your dog, like you, would be better off if they never ate another Long John or cinnamon roll.

Grapes and Raisins

Humans often think that healthy people food must be healthy dog food. That notion is not always true. In fact, grapes and raisins are great for your children but can kill your dog. Although the science is not clear on the why, even a small serving of these fruits can make your dog ill. In some cases, your dog's kidneys can even fail. If your dog begins to vomit and becomes lethargic after consuming these fruits, you need to contact the veterinarian immediately.

Although pet owners frequently considered their darlings part of the family, they are not human and do not have the same nutritional needs. They also do not have the same tastes as people. Something you find delicious and necessary is just something to eat to them. Do not overindulge your pet's desire for your food. Also, don't think that your pet should have just meat to eat. A high-protein, quality dog food will give them exactly what they need and cost less as well.