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Dog Vaccinations: What Places And People Require Them?

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Your state or county tells you that dog vaccinations are absolutely necessary. Like the human kind, you know that canine immunizations help your pup stay healthy and keep some diseases away. That said, your furry friend spends all of his time (other than his daily walks) indoors. If your pet stays home with you, why does he need these shots? Even though your dog isn't in daycare (like your 2-year-old human child), you might run into a few select circumstances that require vaccination. Not only do these places and people require immunizations, but they may also ask for proof from your vet.

Boarding Kennels

It's vacation time. But your pooch has to stay behind. You visit all of the kennels and finally pick one that you feel completely comfortable with. While your dog might have his own private kennel area, all of the animals might have a group 'playtime' or group walks. This means that your dog will be living in close quarters with other people's pets and possibly coming in very close contact with them. These reasons are the primary factor when it comes to most kennels' vaccination requirements. Most boarding kennels will ask for proof that your pup has had the "core vaccinations." These include canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies and canine hepatitis, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Some kennels also require vaccines that prevent other highly contagious dog diseases such as Bordetella or Leptospira.


That's right – taking your dog for a fur cut, wash and nail trim may require proof of vaccinations. Why? Again, your dog will be in close quarters with other pets. If the groomer holds the dogs in cages that are close together, canine diseases can quickly spread among animals. There's also the issue of staff safety. Even though you're fairly sure your pup would never bite at anyone, the strange situation of being at the groomer may scare him into taking a nip. Proof of rabies (and other) vaccination helps to keep your pet, the other animals, and the humans safe.

Dog Parks

Like boarding kennels and pet groomers, dog parks are places where animals come in close contact. Even if all of the pups typically get along, the possibility of a bite is enough to make most parks put vaccination regulations into effect. Take a look at your local dog park's rule list. Chances are that it will spell out which dog vaccinations are required for entry. Even if the park doesn't have a list of required immunizations, keeping your pooch up on his shots is essential for his own safety (as well as the other dogs' health).

Dog Licenses

If your county or local area government requires dogs to be licensed, chances are that they also require proof of vaccination too. This is one easy way for the local animal protection agency (or other similar department) to make sure that all pet owners are following mandatory rabies vaccine laws in your area.

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